Monday, March 18, 2013

Ask and It Is Given !

The simplest way to get anything in life is by asking for it.

When it comes to asking, you are likely to be in either of the following two situations.

one: You have earned something. When you know you have earned, you can easily ask for it. It is like trying to get something that's already yours. There is no or very less resistance to act in this case.

two: You want something. You are not certain whether you deserve it! You can't ask for such things because deep in your heart you know you don't deserve it. And even if you manage to ask, you will never get what is not yours!

More often than not, you will end up in a different situation than the above two! Where you are not getting what you deserve. You know you deserve more than what you are getting. But you are not sure what is missing. That will leave you with frustration and a continuous feeling of insufficiency. 

Here is the missing part of puzzle. It is Reputation that is missing in your life. Lack of recognition for your good work makes you feel bad. 

The solution is to start recognizing the importance of reputation. You have to understand the life cycle of reputation. Then and only then you can get all that you deserve in life. 

Intention of this article is to introduce you to a new life style, of Being Reputed. Open your mind to recognize the importance of reputation.

You always get paid for the product or service you deliver. But the result need not end at  getting paid. In fact, getting paid is just the beginning of the payout. You will get much more than that; if you collect and manage the other thing that gets generated. Reputation. 

Get what you deserve by asking for it.

  1.  Money or equivalent
  2.  Reputation

Everybody knows how to get money for the service or product they deliver. Even if some fail at getting it, everybody knows that they need to ask.

Now, this reputation is little different. Most do not recognize that they generate reputation during the process of value delivery. Once you know it, you can ask for it. You can collect your reputation, manage your reputation and use it to get exposed to better opportunities in future.

"Reputation is the key to open new opportunities and opportunities are must for your growth."

All of us want to grow, expand and express ourselves with ultimate potential.

Most people miss out great opportunities in life by not leveraging the reputation that they have already earned.

Whoever you are, whatever you do, you are continuously generating reputation for who you are and what you do.

In order to own the reputation you have generated, you need to collect and save it. Otherwise it will lead to reputation loss.

Reputation behaves in the same way like any other tangible things that you recognize.

Unless you ask , collect and store it for future use it would be lost.

Recognize what you have earned, ask without hesitation.

Ask and It Is Given!

Live Being Reputed!

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